Sun Protection

After Sun Repair Mask (150 ml)
This mask nourishes and repairs the hair fibers damaged by oxidation and dryness due to prolonged sun exposure.   
HK$ 520.00
After Sun Shampoo (200 ml)
NEW! It gently removes salt, sand, chlorine, and traces of sweat, a definite must after beach, pool or after playing sport.
HK$ 395.00
Daily Protective Cream (75 ml)
This daily cream for fine and dry hair has a light gel texture. Rich in Macadamia Oil and Raspberry Seed Oil (omega 3 and 6), this cream can be used daily as a routine regiment to nourish, protect, and make hair manageable without weighing it down.
HK$ 255.00
Protective Nourishing Milk (75 ml)
True water emulsion in oil, rich in  Macadamia oil (extracted from Trees in Australia) and Rapsberry Seed oil (contains Omega 3 and 6), this nourishing milk contains Vitamins E that protects agains exterior aggressions (Pollution, Wind, Sun, Sea water, etc).
HK$ 255.00
Sun Protection Oil - UVA/UVB protection (100 ml)
This dry and non greasy fluid oil is recommended for all hair types before swimming and prolonged sun and wind exposure.
HK$ 520.00