Colouring Emulsion (60 ml)
• This a permanent color, based on an algae gel compound, it covers up to 100% grey hair. AMMONIA FREE - PEROXIDE FREE.
HK$ 260.00
Neutralizing Bath (4 packets)
• Neutralizing Bath to be used after application of j.f. lazartigue’s coloring product. It helps the color staying longer on hair shaft or remove color on scalp. Applying the product on both the hair and the scalp for about 5 minutes and rinse thoroughly before shampooing. 
HK$ 140.00
Color Reflecting Hair Conditioner (100 ml)
Colour Reflecting Hair Conditioner is both a color and a conditioner which blends with and overlays a natural or artificial hair color to create, tone down or accentuate a hue. To warm up, enliven or enrich a natural color, to bring a burst of brilliance to sad and dull hair - or even to cover a small amount of grey hair. It is a new treating make-up for your hair.
HK$ 265.00