Soy Milk

Soy Milk Strengthening Mask (150 ml)
This deep treatment mask is specially formulated for dry, delicate, fine hair. It restores strength, vitality, density and volume.
HK$ 485.00
Soy Milk Strengthening Shampoo (200 ml)
This extremely gentle shampoo makes hair soft and light while fighting against dehydration and breakage.
HK$ 345.00
Soy Milk Strengthening Conditioner (150 ml)
This high detangling power conditioner densifies and repairs thin hair while giving it manageability and great shine!
HK$ 430.00
Soy Milk Strengthening Serum (30ml)
This super shiny and leave-in serum is a perfect finisher after styling. The Soy Milk will nourish dry and splits ends of very fine hair. It will leave your hair soft, bouncy and shiny all day long without weighing it down!
HK$ 430.00