For Men

Sebo-result Shampoo (200 ml)
It is a treatment shampoo for men with oily scalp. Oily scalp which sooner or later leads to stressful hair loss. Using this shampoo regularly aids in controlling the symptoms of oily scalp. This shampoo regulates sebaceous glands secretions, thanks to the action of: - Sulphuric elements - B vitamin group compounds to restore cellular breathing and rebalancing of the scalp. - Ingredients promoting the scalp’s immunity - Anti-bacterial and anti-dandruff agents.
HK $355.00
Pelli-Stop Shampoo – Anti-dandruff (200 ml)
This shampoo fights against the over-development of the micro-organisms that contribute to poor hair growth and uncontrollable flaking and dandruff. It also relieves itching sensation with special ingredients of: - Anti-dandruff and Anti-fungal surface agents that neutralize micro-organisms. - Marine ingredients that reinforce the protective defenses of scalps prone to dandruff. It provides an anti-bacteria, anti-fungal soothing an anti-inflammatory action and decreases the skin sensitivity. 
HK $355.00
Rebalancing Shampoo for Frequent Use (200 ml)
Rebalancing Shampoo contains highly concentrated trace element coming from the sea. The shampoo normalizes the secretion of sebum, balances the hair, promotes and restores uniform texture. It makes your hair fuller from the roots to the end, shiny and easier to manage.
HK $250.00