Oily Scalp

Intensive Sebum Treatment (75 ml)
Excessive sebum will cause dandruff and hair loss. An oily scalp and dandruff are warnings and tell-tale signs of a serious scalp imbalance which in most cases leads to hair loss.
HK$ 515.00
Propolis Jelly for Oily Scalp (75 ml)
Propolis Jelly has been created to thoroughly cleanse and exfoliate the scalp (to prevent seborrhea, dandruff or hair loss) through the ingredient "Propolis" a resinous substance collected by bees. 
HK$ 415.00
Massage Gel for Deep Cleansing (75 ml)
A purifying and balancing formula designed for oily scalp. It is recommended for oily scalp or those with dandruff. A gentle exfoliation cleanses and prepares the scalp for further purifying treatments. 


HK$ 485.00
Propolis Shampoo (For Oily Hair) (200 ml)


This Propolis Shampoo,is for scalps that tend to be oily. Formulated with a gentle cleansing base, not aggressive to the scalp to avoid an excessive "delipidation", this shampoo contains Propolis, plus a botanical and biotechnology complex.
HK$ 345.00
Deep Cleansing Shampoo (200 ml)
Research has shown that the hair shaft, being constantly exposed, unfortunately acquires a variety of dirt, excess sebum, dust, sweat, remains of styling products, micro-organisms and a host of other unwelcome elements on a daily basis.  
HK$ 310.00