Hair Loss

Intensive Scalp Revitalizer (10 vials)
Rich in Soy Placenta, Intensive Scalp Revitalizer is proven to increase oxygen uptake by 30%, which greatly stimulates metabolism for healthier and stronger hair.
HK$ 400.00
Stymulactine 21 (60 ml)
Stymulactine 21, in the treatment of alopecia, works towards the hygiene and resistance of the hair and scalp, improves capillary density, and contributes to healthier and stronger growth. 
S21 Shampoo (200 ml)
S21 Shampoo - a specific treatment shampoo for hair loss. It is recommended in anemic scalp & weakened hair, excessive hair loss, or hair in poor condition. 
HK$ 345.00
Revitalizing Hair Vitamins (60 pcs/box)
Nutritional supplement - composed from a base of "revitalizing" plant extracts (wheat germ and horseradish), scalp "protecting" trace elements (zinc), keratin "building" sulfated amino acids (cystine, methionine), and "energizing" vitamins A & E. These tablets nourish, strengthen and revitalize the hair, restoring its natural beauty.
HK$ 435.00